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Getting Started







How to Begin the Enrollment Process

If you would like to bring your dog to Doggie Adventures & you think that he or she would fit in well with the pack, then please follow these two simple steps:

  1. Fill out the Doggie Adventures Questionnaire. You can fill it out on the computer or print it, then email or snail mail it to us.  All instructions are included on the Questionnaire page.

  2. Schedule an interview with your dog.  We will set up a time that you & your dog can visit Doggie Adventures, so that we can interview each other and see how your dog fits in with the pack.  We realize that this can be somewhat of an inconvenience for those who are traveling a distance, but this initial visit will make your dog’s stay much less anxiety-provoking if he/she has already been here & has learned that it is a place for fun.  It will also add immeasurably to your own peace of mind. 


We strongly encourage you to schedule your first interview well in advance of your planned trip in order to ensure that your dog will be accepted and to ensure that there will be "room at the inn."  We are a limited enrollment facility, so please be sure to book early.  Space fills up quickly!


What to Bring on Your First DayCare or SleepOver Visit

  1. Your dog(s), wearing a collar with ID tags.

  2. Proof of vaccination or titer tests; negative fecal exam certificate from the vet.

  3. All food and medications, and any nutritional supplements.  If your dog will be staying for a SleepOver, then please bring enough food & medications/supplements to last an extra day or two, in case you are unavoidably delayed in returning from your trip.  Also please be sure to label all food and medications/supplements with your dog’s name.  Administration instructions should be included on the bottles (or clearly described in the questionnaire).


You do NOT need to bring bowls, leashes, beds , ‘no-bloat’ food bowls– we have plenty here.  We provide all snack foods, but if your dog has allergies or is a particularly finicky eater & has to have a certain treat, please bring along enough special treats to ensure a sufficient supply for his/her stay.

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