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About Us


Carol Marangoni, Ph.D., has a doctorate in experimental psychology from the University of Texas (although she is quick to point out that she only experimented on humans, not animals).  After working as a biostatistician in the pharmaceutical consulting industry, Carol opened an organic dog biscuit business called Brunzi’s Best, Inc., which sold organic treats called "Doggie Divines."  The company was named after her  beloved golden retriever Brunzi, whose health problems led her to Dr. Marty Goldstein and a holistic approach to dog care.  You can read a brief history of Brunzi in Dr. Marty's "The Nature of Animal Healing" (pg.269-271) – a book that is a "must-read" for all dog guardians.  Dr. Marty's latest book - "The Spirit of Animal Healing" - is destined to become another classic in the field of integrative veterinary medicine. Be sure to check out both outstanding books.







At Doggie Adventures every effort has been made to keep the environment as non-toxic as possible. In the exterior, no lawn chemicals of any kind are used on the premises. Although there are a fair number of weeds in the lawn, their appearance is kept presentable by keeping the grass cut short. The decks (where we have Doggie Luncheons and B-B-Q's in the summer time) are made of cedar, not arsenic-backed pressure-treated wood. The well water has tested negative for contaminants, and is free of the chemical additives used in public drinking water. The poop is picked up multiple times daily.

The interior was also constructed with an eye toward environmental friendliness. The sheetrock was sprayed with Safe Seal – a vapor barrier designed to keep out-gassing of toxic contaminants to a minimum. The paint is 'Zero VOC' (volatile organic compounds) for the same reason. The carpeting is New Zealand wool to minimize the presence of formaldehyde & other noxious materials used in standard carpeting.

The house has a standby generator ready to automatically turn on 15 seconds after utilities are lost in a storm.  This is exceedingly important, because power is needed for running water, heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.  It's also needed to cook burgers for doggie luncheons!


There is a UV light installed in the HVAC unit, to kill airborne bacteria and viruses.  That is useful for killing doggie coronaviruses and other infectious respiratory diseases and airborne pathogens.


Brannie Marangoni ("Bran Muffin") is the doggie host at Doggie Adventures. Brannie hails from Puerto Rico, and came to live with Carol when he was 1 year old. He loves his canine friends and thinks that sleepovers with his friends are wooferful!

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For summertime fun, a natural swimming pond was constructed in an adjacent fenced area of the yard.   A pump moves the water from the swimming area to the upper pond which biologically filters the water through aquatic plants and stones.  There are fish to entertain the dogs, as well as balls and frisbees for the swimmers. 

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