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The Dog-Parents' Dilemma


Want to take a vacation but you're worried about your furry child? Or maybe you worked all day, worrying about your dog waiting patiently for your return, having had just a quick dog walk mid-day.  Perhaps your heart sinks each time you leave the house & see that "sad face" watching forlornly from the window.  Or perhaps you are concerned about the potential adverse effects of over-vaccinating your dog, choosing to titer-test instead, but now you find that no kennel or daycare facility will take an unvaccinated dog. We’ve been there – in every one of these scenarios.



Give Your Dog Doggie Adventures

Welcome to "Doggie Adventures," an at-home doggie daycare and sleepover facility. Your furchild will be welcomed as a bonafide family member, eating, sleeping, playing & running with dogs & humans alike. Located on 11 acres in the beautiful lower Hudson Valley, our doggie guests have unlimited access to a 2-acre fenced yard where they run & play with canine companions, swim in the natural swimming pond, enjoy doggie luncheons on the decks and snuggle on the couch to watch TV.  

Safety And Fun

Safety and fun are our two main goals at Doggie Adventures.  None of the doors lead directly to the outside: there is a "double-door or gate system" in place at all entrances and exits. The yard is enclosed by a 5-ft. fence with padlocks on all the gates. Even the front deck is double-gated, with the outermost gate-latch drilled into the stone house & padlocked for security.

And speaking of fun, you will receive e-mail updates with photos of your doggie's adventures.


Learn More About Us

On this website you will find all of the information you need to learn more about Doggie Adventures. We do encourage you to do the paperwork & personal interview well in advance of your planned trip, and to book your reservation early. We have limited enrollment (maximum of eight guests per night), so space fills up quickly. If you have additional questions after reading through each section below, please feel free to contact us.

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